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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based behavioral health parent training program developed by Sheila Eyberg, PhD, designed to help caregivers of young children with disruptive behaviors.  This PCIT 2-Day Advanced training focuses primarily on Parent-Directed Interaction therapist skills as well as further development of Child-Directed Interaction therapist skills.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. List the components of the PDI Discipline Stage of PCIT.
  2. Demonstrate the PDI Teach skills through a Mock PDI Teach Session.
  3. Describe and introduce PDI to a child.
  4. Explain house rules to a caregiver.
  5. Utilize the DPICS coding system to reliably code parent-child interactions.
  6. Explain how to set up a public outing to caregivers.
  7. Demonstrate 75% effective commands.
  8. Demonstrate 75% effective follow through with effective commands.
  9. Coach a timeout sequence with fidelity to the model.
  10. Structure the coaching practice of a parent with young child in practice of the PDI skills using telehealth.
  11. Identify solutions to PDI clinical challenges.
  12. Demonstrate effective coaching and management strategies for PDI clinical challenges.
Intended Audience: 

Therapists who have completed the 5-Day Initial PCIT Training

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Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend both sessions, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within the 7 days of training to receive credits and a certificate. All CEU certificates and certificates of completion will be received through the DBHIDS Learning Hub. Once you have completed your evaluation you will have access to your CEU or Certificate of Completion through your DBHIDS Learning Hub Account.