(WEBINAR) Marijuana Use and Abuse Among Youth


# of CE's: 3.0

0.3 IACET CE's

Adolescence is a time of exploration, growth, change and often, risk-taking. Some risks afford youth the opportunity to challenge themselves and discover who they are. Other risks can be truly problematic. Teenage marijuana use is at its highest level in 30 years – today’s teens are more likely to use marijuana than tobacco. The THC content in today’s marijuana has significantly increased over the last years, with some products averaging 68 percent THC. This workshop will address latest trends and methods of use, short and long term health effects and risks, impact of legalization, the impact of use on brain development, and prevention and education resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how youth are using marijuana, and the short and long-term impact of that use;
  • Explain the impact of legalization on the use and abuse of marijuana among youth;
  • Outline the current trends of marijuana use among youth; and
  • Explain the impact of marijuana use on the developing brain.

Intended Audience:

Behavioral health provider staff, educators, and school staff

Instructional Level:


Completion Requirements:

Participants must attend entire session, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within 7 days of training to receive credits and a certificate. All CEU certificates will be emailed to participants within 30 business days of training.