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A Blue Zones School: Empowering Students to Explore, Question, and Act

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The Blue Zones Project came out of National Geographic’s exploration of communities where people are living long lives happily. A team of researchers found nine common characteristics that help identify a way towards extra years of life, regardless of geographic location. These shared lifestyle behaviors are known as the “Power 9”, focusing on helping individuals, among other things, connect with others and discover a purpose in life.

Many components of the Power 9 begin in childhood. Classrooms and schools can adopt the initiatives of the Blue Zones Project to improve school climate, as well as the emotional and physical health of our youth. The focus of a Blue Zones School is to “empower students to explore, question and act”. This workshop will explore the components of a Blue Zones Classroom or School, which include: mindfulness skills, purpose workshops for students, interdisciplinary projects, youth leadership groups, reducing screen time, and methods to develop peer connections and social circles.

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this session, participants will have:

  1. Identify the various components of a Blue Zones school;
  2. Explain the workshops and projects students can participate in as part of a Blue Zones school or classroom;
  3. Describe the “Power 9” of Blue Zones schools and their roles building connections within the school community; &
  4. Explain how to implement the Blue Zones program into a school or classroom
Intended Audience: 

Behavioral health system & school staff

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Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend entire session and submit an evaluation to receive credits.