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Building a Wall of Compassion: Understanding and Responding More Effectively to Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a diagnosis mired in stigma & hopelessness. Common beliefs are that people with this disorder cannot have positive relationships, that they exhaust everyone they encounter & that they will never be able to be contributing members of a community. This workshop is designed to challenge those assumptions, to examine the experiences of individuals with BPD & people providing services, to share tools that can be used in supportive relationships & to discuss self-care for support persons within these often challenging, but also rewarding, relationships.

Learning Objectives: 
By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to:
1. Discuss controversy surrounding the etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD);
2. Describe the differences in how clinicians and persons with the diagnosis define and perceive BPD;
3. List three (3) core experiences associated with having BPD;
4. Identify at least two (2) skills that can be used in working with people diagnosed with BPD;
5. Identify at least two (2) self-care strategies for service providers.
Intended Audience: 

This introductory course is designed for staff at all levels in behavioral health & human services agencies. 

Instructional Level: 

Introductory level

Completion Requirements: 

Attendance of the full session as well as completion of an evaluation are required.