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Bullies, Bullying and Bad Behavior: Intervening with Those Who Do Harm

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0.3 IACET CE's

Bullying is a word that brings to mind images of mean children or teens that are purposefully harmful to their peers. We know through research that bullying is a learned behavior and, without intervention, those who bully as youth willlikely continue bullying into adulthood.  We also know that young people engaged in bullying behavior in elementary and middle schools are more likely to engage in sexual harassment of peers as adolescents.  Altering the dynamics that make bullying effective for the aggressors is essential for successful interventions.  This workshop will explore ways to bring about that change

Learning Objectives: 

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Cite current research on school bullying and those who engage in it;
  • Explore the relationship between bullying, sexual harassment and dating violence;
  • Identify ways to develop empathy among bullies; and,
  • Develop specific strategies for intervention in bullying behavior by aggressive youth and bullies
Intended Audience: 

This introductory level course, is designed for all professionals (behavioral health specialists, teachers, social workers, etc.) who work with young people.  Parents are also welcomed.

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Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend entire presentation and complete a course evaluation in order to receive credits.