Case Management Safety and Awareness Training


# of CE's: 3.5

0.4 IACET credits

Adult and Children’s case managers assist members with life issues, support them in crisis and deliver their services in the member’s homes. Every day case managers run the risk of becoming the focus of a potential assault. There are steps that can be taken to reduce risk while teaching case managers how to assess for potentially dangerous situations. This training will provide guidance to staff and enhance awareness and assessment skills necessary for casework in the field. Staff will also learn to identify potential dangers and minimize risk to the personal safety for both staff as well as their clients in the community.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to identify and assess for potential risks to safety while working with members.
  • Demonstrate appropriate responses to identified safety hazards.
  • Employ practice model skills and values as it relates to personal safety.
  • Recognize signs of drug use while working with member in the home.

Intended Audience:

Children and Adult Case Managers who have completed the Case management orientation

Instructional Level:

For professional case managers

Completion Requirements:

DBHIDS Adult and Children Case Managers who completed orientation shall be eligible to register. Every case manager who has completed the case manager’s orientation is eligible to enroll