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DBHIDS Faith & Spiritual Affairs 2016 Conference "New Americans: Healing and Resilience"

CE Type: 
# of CE's: 
6 and 0.6 IACET

The focus of the 2016 Faith and Spiritual Affairs Conference is to empower immigrant and refugee faith leaders, practitioners, social workers and frontline staff.   The conference will feature programs and services which aid in healing and supporting their communities. The conference workshops will aim to inform and assist in the development of culturally and linguistically sensitive approaches to care.  Both immigrant and refugee communities and social service and behavioral health providers will benefit from hearing nationally and internationally known speakers discuss their work in the topic areas of trauma, social isolation and culturally appropriate services for New Americans

Learning Objectives: 
  • State two strategies which promote honoring each person’s ability to define faith spirituality, culture, family and community for their overall wellness.
  • Describe how and why the stigma of mental health prevents in the immigrant and refugee to seek services.
  • Discuss how acknowledging faith/spirituality can foster collaboration which reduces behavioral health stigma and opens doors to improve lives.
  • Identify two models or programs the City of Philadelphia provides for language access and multicultural affairs.
  • State at least two barriers and challenges New Americans encounter and how federal resettlement programs can assist with medical and housing needs
  • List at least two initiatives supported by DBHDS Faith & Spiritual Affairs Unit which address disparities and underserved immigrant & refugee communities
  • Define the distinction between immigrant, refugee and asylum status and the impact and benefits for each
Intended Audience: 

Faith Community &  Provider Agency.  Then those with lived experience

Instructional Level: 


Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend workshops, obtain room monitors signature on the verification form and complete a course evaluation in order to receive credits