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New Bullying Prevention 101: Trauma, Illness & Other Public Health Issues

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Bullying and other forms of violence by and among young people are a major concern for all who work with youth.  This half-day workshop will offer a solid introduction and foundation on bullying, including the current research, links to trauma and other illnesses, and best practices for prevention and intervention. 

Learning Objectives: 

As a result of this workshop, participants will have:

1.  Defined Bullying in all its forms and list associated behaviors;

2.  Explained the connection between bullying, trauma & illness;

3.  Explored effective intervention and prevention strategies; and,

4.  Reviewed the available resources for further information

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Please note:  Arriving late or leaving the training early will affect the number of credits earned.

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This training is made possible through the assistance of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation, Elizabethtown, PA.