Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Adolescents


# of CE's: 6.0


Instruction will be provided addressing the basic differences between PE and PE-A using excerpts from videotaped sessions to illustrate how to use PE with adolescents. When and how to implement PE-A, as well as guidelines for modifying PE techniques, in order to tailor them for therapy with adolescents, will be presented and discussed

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the differences between PE and PE-A
  • Discuss the background and empirical evidence for PE-A
  • Identify appropriate candidates for PE-A
  • Discuss using motivational interviewing and case management techniques to prepare individuals for PE-A
  • Examine how to implement psychoeducational treatment components of PE-A
  • Describe a real life experiment hierarchy that includes a range of situations that safely and effectively promote learning while expanding the client’s world
  • Discuss how to conduct memory talk to memories of traumatic events
  • Discuss choosing worst moments with patients and implement worst moments procedures
  • Describe how to implement relapse prevention techniques
  • Describe how to implement relapse prevention techniques

Intended Audience:

Therapists trained in 4-day PE basics through the CBH/EPIC trauma initiative

Instructional Level:


Completion Requirements:

Participants must attend entire presentation and complete a course evaluation in order to receive credits