Sexual Harassment, Cyber Bullying and Cyber-Shaming


# of CE's: 3

Sexual harassment is pervasive in schools, impacting 8 out of 10 students during the course of their education. This program will explore the nature this harassment takes through social media and the ever increasing phenomenon of Cyber-Shaming.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review current research on sexual harassment among youth;
  • Examine impact of cyber bullying and cyber shaming on students;
  • Outline legal and ethical obligations of schools and agencies; and,
  • Outline prevention & intervention strategies to address these issues

Intended Audience:

This introductory level course, is designed for all professionals (behavioral health specialists, teachers, social workers, etc.) who work with young people. Parents are also welcomed.

Instructional Level:


Completion Requirements:

Participants must attend entire presentation and complete a course evaluation in order to receive credits.