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THE SIX CORE STRATEGIES © (6CS) to Prevent Violence, Trauma, and the Use of Seclusion & Restraint in Behavioral Health Settings

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1.1 IACET CE's

The Six-Core Strategies© training program is the only evidence-based model that has been proven to be effective in preventing the conflict and violence that can lead to the use of restraint and seclusion. The Strategies© include:

1) Leadership toward Organizational Culture Change

2) Use of Data to Inform Practice

3) Workforce Development

4) Inclusion of Youth/Families

5) Specific S/R Prevention/Reduction Interventions

6) Rigorous Debriefing

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of Day One and DayTwo participants will be able to:

1. Review the theoretical principles underlying the Six Core Strategies to prevent violence, trauma, and

the use of seclusion & restraint in behavioral health settings.

2. Analyze the effects of seclusion and restraint within the context of trauma theory.

3. Discuss the essential role of leaders in creating successful organizational change.

4. Differentiate between characteristics of trauma informed and trauma insensitive systems.

5. Describe the components of effective safety/soothing plans.

6. Analyze successful program experiences with reduction of seclusion & restraint.

7. Review the evolution of the Building Bridges Initiative.

8. Discuss the role of Family-Driven and Youth-Guided care in reducing seclusion and restraint.

9. Describe the use of witnessing as an effective intervention in the reduction of seclusion and restraint.

10. Identify 5 known and 2 “hidden” sensory modulation strategies for self-calming and soothing.

11. Describe how to use information gathered during debriefing to reduce use of seclusion and restraint.

12. Incorporate Youth and Family voice as a data source for culturally competent action planning.

13. Use the Six Core Strategies Planning Tool to develop a facility prevention action plan.


Intended Audience: 

This intermediate level course, is designed for CBH funded Provider Agency staff, DHS, RFT Provider Systems

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Completion Requirements: 

On both days, (9-13 & 9-14) participants must attend the entire presentation and complete a course evaluation in order to receive credits.