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This three-day training will follow the Commonwealth model for the Student Assistance Program, based on the Inter-Agency Committee approved Standards and Competencies. The Behavioral Health Training & Education Network (BHTEN) is a member of the Commonwealth Approved Trainers system and authorized by the Inter-Agency Committee to offer this training.

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this three-day training, participants will have…

  1. Explored the basic philosophy of the PA model of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) as outlined in 24 P.S. §15-1547;
  2. Differentiated the different roles on a SAP team;
  3. Identified the four phases of the SAP process;
  4. Described observable student behaviors appropriate for SAP referral;
  5. Demonstrated the ability to participate effectively in the SAP Core Team process;
  6. Demonstrated various intervention methods and when each is appropriate;
  7. Identified strategies for establishing and maintaining working relationships with parents and/or caregivers;
  8. Discussed the practical implications of federal and state legislation that impacts SAP;
  9. Listed the possible consequences of working outside the Commonwealth model of SAP;
  10. Proposed strategies that SAP teams can use to foster resiliency in young people;
  11. Utilized current research on ATOD use among young people in developing appropriate interventions;
  12. Outlined the ATOD continuum of care;
  13. Identified behaviors observed in school settings that may be signs of behavioral health concerns;
  14. Identified local resources that can be of assistance to students identified by the SAP team; and,
  15. Assessed her or his own strengths, needs and boundaries when working with each student and family.
Intended Audience: 

School staff and agency personnel working with students experiencing barriers to school success are the intended audience for this training.

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Completion Requirements: 

Completion of the entire three-day program and all competencies is required before any credits can be awarded.