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(WEBINAR) Cultivating Organizations to Thrive: Intro to Organizational Development

Cultivating Organizations to thrive: Intro to Organizational Development will cover the basics of Organizational Development, but diving into case studies and strategies focused on work culture.  In this introduction, we will explore the importance of culture and how it impacts outputs, employee retention, and innovation. We will discuss how to build an environment that answers basic questions such as: Are we connected? Do we share a future? Are we safe?

Learning Objectives: 

• Identify elements of organizational development
• Recognize the usefulness of organizational development
• Distinguish the relationship between culture and employee engagement
• Assess the impact of cognitive dissonance in organizational development
• Develop a set of heuristics to drive behavior in your organization

Intended Audience: 

Supervisory/Management staff at Behavioral Health Agencies

Instructional Level: