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(WeBINAR) Cultivating Organizations to Thrive: Intro to Organizational Development

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ACT 48
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This course provides participants with a thorough overview of Organizational Development (OD) by examining the core components of OD: culture, climate, employees, leadership, strategy, and structure. Too often organizations focus only on their strategy and operating model because they seem easier to change, but we need to shift our traditional focus to culture and employee’s well-being because culture dictates how people behave far more than strategy or operating models. Culture comprises employees; behaviors and such behaviors advance strategic aspirations. Additionally, participants will learn about neuroscientific concepts, such as cognitive dissonance and flow, that are essential to consider when developing culture. This webinar will provide participants with tangible methods and techniques for implementing best research practices into daily operations to cultivate organizational impact.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify the 6 key elements of organizational development
  2. Explain 2 ways how organizational development is useful to the current work climate
  3. Define the significance of neuroscientific concepts in organizational development
  4. Develop a minimum of 2 heuristics, leadership techniques, or strategies that drive behavior and productivity in your organization
Intended Audience: 

All Philadelphia Behavioral Health Providers

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Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend the entire session, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within the 7 days of training to receive credits and a certificate. All CEU certificates and certificates of attendance will be received through the DBHIDS Learning Hub. Once you have completed your evaluation you will have access to your CEU or Certificate of Attendance through your DBHIDS Learning Hub Account.