(WEBINAR) Cultivating Organizations to thrive: Intro to Organizational Development Part 3

Cultivating Organizations to Thrive: Intro to Organizational Development (OD) Part 3 will discuss the last two components of strategy and structure within OD. This webinar will provide insight into important components in the micro and macro levels of OD. This webinar will also introduce the neuroscience of flow, tips on how to achieve flow, and tangible activities that can induce flow within the workplace. Organizational Development structure hinges on telecommuting best practices and the research in physical office spaces that are conducive to both productivity and employee well-being. Participants will apply past knowledge from the Cultivating Organizations to Thrive series to implement these practices into daily operations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the significance of flow in organizational development
  • Identify tips on how to promote productivity through flow
  • Summarize 1 strategy for diagnosing +implementing change in OD
  • Employ telecommuting best practices
  • Explore OD best practices in physical office spaces

Intended Audience:

Supervisory/Management staff at Behavioral Health Agencies

Completion Requirements:

Participants will need to fill out the evaluation via survey monkey in order to receive a certificate of attendance.

Credit Statements:

No CE credits are being offered for this course