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CE Type: 
ACT 48
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There has been a troubling trend among some school environments where the school climate has been negatively impacted and bullying and harassment has increased. Incidents of harmdoing focused on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity have been increasing among not only adults, but youth as well. While digital speech affords youth the ability to engage with their peers to maintain relationships, it also affords our students the ability to engage in cyberbullying, delivering a deluge of cruel and harmful messages and images, sometimes crossing the legal boundaries of speech.

Learning Objectives: 

1. List the facts about digital speech, behaviors and communications trending among youth;
2. Outline the current research addressing cyberbullying and harassment focused on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity;
3. Explain state and federal court rulings and mandates addressing cyberbullying and harassment;
4. Identify strategies, programs and resources focused on educating youth to engage civilly both in person and in the digital world.

Intended Audience: 

Educators, school staff, and behavioral health provider staff.

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Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend entire session, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within 7 days of training to receive credits and a certificate. All certificates will be emailed to participants within 30 business days of training.