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(WEBINAR) Having the Talk: Helping to Promote Healthy Relationships and Prevent Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in School

In a recent national survey, 87% of females reported having experienced sexual harassment in school. Yet 76% of respondents had never engaged in a conversation with adults about how to avoid sexually harassing others, or about various forms of gender-based degradation. Rates of sexual assault are high, including on school property, yet there is little education provided to students about the many issues in consent and what constitutes assault. It is essential that adults engage with youth in meaningful education about sexual harassment, assault and what it means to be an ethical person. This workshop will review research addressing sexual harassment, discuss the desensitization of youth to degrading behaviors, explore harassment of LGBTQ youth, and schools’ legal roles and responsibilities in addressing sexual harassment and violence

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the desensitization of youth to harassment and degrading behaviors;
  • Identify methods to reduce and prevent harassment and degrading behaviors;
  • Explain specific concerns regarding the harassment and sexual bullying of LGBTQ youth; and
  • Outline the schools’ legal role and responsibility in addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence against youth.
Intended Audience: 

Behavioral Health System and School Staff

Instructional Level: