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This training will cover Opioid 101 and Narcan Rescue, the impact efforts to the Opioid epidemic nationally & locally, the city’s efforts to combat the epidemic. It will describe different types of Opioids medically prescribed & non prescribed, identify overdose risk factors, the laws that govern the ability to help someone in distress, signs and symptoms of an Opioid overdose, what Narcan is and how to administer it.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify different types of Opioids
  2. Understand harm-reduction approaches to high-risk behaviors
  3. Recognize signs and symptoms of an Opioid overdose
  4. Understand what Narcan is and steps to administer Narcan
  5. Define the Good Samaritan Act 139.
  6. Understand how to access Narcan and treatment services
Intended Audience: 


Instructional Level: 


Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend entire session, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within 7 days of training to receive a certificate. Certificates of Attendance will be available to download from the Learning Hub once the evaluation is successfully submitted.

Credit Statements: 

No Credits being offered for this course