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(Webinar) Social and Emotional Connections of Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19

Many Behavioral Health organizations are seeking creative methods to stay connected and provide services to clients during COVID-19. Advances in technology make these connections efficient and vast. However, there remains a lack of accessibility to mental, physical and spiritual resources through technology for underprivileged groups. Although many people have the ability to stay connected, vulnerable populations are at risk of not receiving various lifesaving supports because of a growing digital divide. This webinar will discuss how to support vulnerable populations during COVID-19.

Learning Objectives: 

• Explore the impact of social distancing on groups that are the most at risk for isolation.
• Describe the significance of Telehealth in its efforts to promote mental and physical well-being.
• Identify 4-5 groups that are most vulnerable to social and emotional isolation.             
• Offer strategies and resources to decrease lack of connection

Intended Audience: 

Behavioral Health System

Instructional Level: