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Attending a Training

What is your training space like?

We have two main training rooms, with projection screens and sound amplification in each.  Armless chairs and tables are set up for training attendees.  In both rooms, it can be challenging to maintain a temperature that is comfortable for everyone.  We recommend bringing or wearing layered clothing in case it becomes too cool for you.

What if I'm late?

Please try to be on time for your training.  Sign-in usually begins 30 min before the training start time. For some classes, you will not be admitted late, or you will not be able to receive credits for your training if you are late.  Classes with a very strict lateness policy will generally have that information in the course description.  Each credit type has specific regulations, and BHTEN is responsible for monitoring attendance in accordance with the regulations, and to admit students or provide credits accordingly.

Full participation

In order to be a full participant in the learning process, it is important that you can be fully present during your training.  We recommend that you clear other obligations and responsibilities from your calendar for the time of your training.  Supervisors who are sending staff for training should be aware that the staff member cannot be simultaneously at the training and on duty at work.  Furthermore, it is not advised that people attend trainings after working an overnight shift.

Cell phones and pagers

BHTEN asks that people refrain from using cell phone and electronic devices during the training.  There will be break times when attendees can check their messages and return calls.  When a person is interrupted during a training by calls or texts, it distracts them and those around them, and interferes with the learning process.  We ask that people respond only to emergency messages during the training sessions.