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Certificates and Transcripts

Certificates and Transcripts

Training participants must complete the following, in order to receive CEUs and/or a certificate of attendance:

  • Be present for entirety of training or 50 min out of every 60 min of the training. The 10-minute grace period allows for connectivity issues to be resolved.
  • Engage in all training activities (e.g.- breakout rooms, zoom polls, jam board, etc.)
  • Complete posttest, if applicable
  • Complete training evaluation at the end of the training for all in classroom session or within 7 days of distance learning

If 1 or more of these requirements are not met, it may result in the loss of credit hours and/or certificate eligibility.

The BHTEN Training Coordinator will review these requirements with training participants at the beginning and end of each training. If a posttest is required, it will be launched via a Zoom Poll at the end of the training or provided to you in paper format for completion for in classroom sessions.

The link to the evaluation will be sent to training participants for distance learning 3 ways: QR code at the end of the training slide deck, URL at the end of the training slide deck, and via email post training. In classroom evaluations will be distributed at the end of the training session by paper format to be completed and turned in at the front desk.

Training participants will have 7 days to complete the training evaluation for virtual distance learning. In classroom training evaluations will be collected at the end of the training. The BHTEN Training Coordinator will close the evaluation after 7 days for distance learning and submit the training attendance and evaluation data to the BHTEN Data Team, for generation of training certificates and CEUs and saved for record keeping purposes. All distance learning certificates of attendance and CEUs will be sent via email to training participants within 30 days post training, unless otherwise noted and if all requirements are met. All in classroom certificates will be distributed at the end of the training class or series, unless otherwise noted and if all requirements are met.

Participants who do not complete an evaluation for CEU certified trainings within the timeframe can receive a certificate of attendance, free of charge, or request for an extension to complete the evaluation. Participants who do not complete an evaluation for non CEU certificate trainings can also receive their certificate of attendance upon request and attendance verified. Evaluation extensions include a $10 service fee. Participants that have lost their CE Certificate can request a duplicate for a $10 service fee.

BHTEN is responsible to ensure educational records are current, accessible and confidential. Requests for learner records, including transcripts or duplicate certificates and evaluation extensions, must be in writing using the BHTEN “Certificate/ Transcript and/or Evaluation  Request Form”. This form is downloadable by CLICKING HERE.

If further clarification is required, please contact BHTEN’s Data Operations Manager, Akim Cooper, at acooper@bhten.com. Due to a large volume of requests received daily, please allow 1- 3 business days for a return response.