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BHTEN is excited to announce that we are moving towards a new registration system through the DBHIDS Learning Hub. This exciting change will allow for on demand access to the zoom join links, training evaluations, course resources and materials, and certificates.

Effective May 2021, all non-paid (free) training registrations will move to the Learning Hub. Paid and private training registrations will begin to transition to the Learning Hub in September 2021. Our goal is having 100% of our registrations through the Learning Hub by December 2021.

Trainings will still be listed on our training calendar; however, registration links will direct participants to The Hub.  During the transition, push notifications will be sent out to registered participants via The Learning Hub.

All participants will be required to create a DBHIDS Learning Hub account, to register for trainings, access course materials, webinar links, evaluations, and certificates. Click here to create a Learning Hub account. The general access code is: LHAccess20.

Click here to watch a brief tutorial video on the new registration process and for more information regarding the DBHIDS Learning Hub.