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Special Needs / Accommodations

Special Needs / Accommodations

To request interpreter services or any other specific accommodations, please contact Sheyel Rorie, Registrar, at srorie@bhten.com

BHTEN's training spaces, and the building in which we are housed, are wheelchair accessible.

Microphones are available, as needed, for additional amplification.

Larger - print materials can be made available upon request, prior to the the training event.

BHTEN routinely has deaf or hard of hearing participants requiring interpreters at BHTEN sponsored training events.  BHTEN strives to make sure staff are notified, in a timely manner, that a deaf or hard of hearing participant will be attending a specified training.  With proper notice reasonable accommodations can be made to assure accessibility to BHTEN training events.

BHTEN training announcements delineate how to contact the BHTEN Registrar or Clerical Assistant during the registration process that a given participant will need interpreter services (or has any other special needs).  The appropriate BHTEN Training Facilitator will be notified and services will be requested and confirmed prior to the event.