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People with current or past involvement in the criminal justice system, mental illness and/or substance abuse issues present additional challenges. DBHIDS brings specialized knowledge and expertise to treating these individuals, whether it is in prison, jail or in the community.

DBHIDS USES THE Sequential Intercept Model, a tool that analyzes how people progress through the criminal justice system. The model provides a “map” that identifies intercept points where behavioral health services can be offered to those with behavioral health issues. This approach enables needed treatment to be provided on a timely basis while people progress through the criminal justice system.

DBHIDS hosts the Philadelphia Forensic Task Force, which brings together officials from police, corrections, judiciary, mental health and substance abuse communities. Working together, these stakeholders share knowledge and treatment approaches for people who are, or have been incarcerated with behavioral health issues.

DBHIDS offers multiple residential treatment options for ex-offenders with behavioral health issues.