Amberlee Venti

Community Behavorial Health (CBH)

Amberlee Venti, LPC, MA is the Evidence-Based Practice Implementation Manager for the Evidence-Based Practice and Innovation Center (EPIC) at Community Behavioral Health (CBH) in Philadelphia, PA. Since 2005, Mrs. Venti has worked in mental health services for underserved children, adults and families. Before joining CBH in 2017, Mrs. Venti was the Director of Outpatient Services at COMHAR’s Allegheny Avenue Outpatient program where she oversaw the implementation of multiple evidence-based practices including EMDR, CBT and DBT. CBH has provided continuity in Mrs. Venti’s passion for the implementation of EBPs. She loves the problem-solving aspect of EBP implementation and strives to help provider agencies to best implement EBPs in the CBH network.