Carla Reyes

Education Specialist

Carla Reyes joined Mazzoni Center as an Education Specialist for LGBTQ+ Interpersonal Violence. With a background in research and indirect service work, they strive to combine data-driven evidence with trauma-informed relationship building. As a queer educator, professional, and friend, their goal is to meet folks where they are and distribute well-rounded, up-to date information and resources to the community. Their role at Mazzoni involves collaborating with others to develop, facilitate, and evaluate IPV-focused and trauma-informed intersectional LGBTQ+ competency education. They received a B.S. in Psychology, with a focus on the interdisciplinary overlap of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Psychology. Carla has been involved in community service for many years, focusing on food and housing security, childhood development, and queer mental health. Outside of work, they can be found reading in the park, singing loudly off-key, or calling their mom, sister, and niece (sometimes all at once).