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Lisa DeStefano

Clerical Assistant

For the past 20 years, Lisa DeStefano worked in the administrative field and customer. She is presently the Clerical Assistant at BHTEN starting in late October 2017.

 When Lisa was very young, she discovered Rock and Roll. Music was to play a big role her life and drove her desire to learn how to play the guitar. At age 8, her mother bought her first acoustic guitar and off she went. When she played her first show at CBGB’S in New York, she found she had a natural way to talk to people up while she was on the stage. As this skill continued to develop though her life, she realized that being able to talk to people and calm them opened another lifelong desire to help those in need. As time moved on, she enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia to focus her energy on an Associate Degree in Business. During a recent discussion, Lisa said, “I want to learn all I can to be an effective team member here at BHTEN. I understand how important an education is. Whether it is in music, business or behavior health, this is all about helping people to help others that is why I love being a Clerical Assistant.”