Pennsylvania Certification Board Certification Reimbursement Application

DBHIDS and BHTEN are committed to helping our Philadelphia behavioral health provider network continue to prepare for the transition from the PCPC to the ASAM framework. As the ASAM framework is being implemented across all levels of care, we plan to support addiction’s services staff obtain accreditation such as the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), Certified Associate Addictions Counselor (CAAC), Certified Peer Specialist. (CPS), and Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). In an effort to bolster these certifications in our Philadelphia system, we will be reimbursing a limited number of staff who successfully pass the certification examination for either the CADC, CAAC, CPS, or CRS. Those that wish to be reimbursed must be employed by one of our Philadelphia providers and have completed this reimbursement application process. The reimbursement opportunity will be available over the next 3 years.



We will be hosting a Q&A session with the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB)on Tuesday April 5th, 10:00-1130am. Eligibility information for the reimbursement and each of the certifications will be shared. You can register for the session HERE