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(WEBINAR) Loot Boxes: what are they and how do they affect young people?

About This Course

This presentation will look at the rise of loot boxes in the world of gaming. We will look at what loot boxes are, the role they have in gameplay, and how they are earned or purchased. Loot boxes have gained notoriety as a form of gambling. This presentation will explore how loot boxes relate to gambling and how they are (or are not) regulated. Studies have linked loot boxes, and gaming in general, to profound impacts on the adolescent brain. We will look at those effects and discuss concrete steps parents and caregivers can take to prevent the abuse/overuse of loot boxes.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Define loot boxes and describe their place in gameplay.
2. Explain how loot boxes are related to gambling.
3. Describe the effects that loot boxes can have on the adolescent brain.
4. Employ strategies for parents and caregivers to prevent the overuse/abuse of loot boxes.

Intended Audience: 

Parents, educators, anyone who works with young people.

Instructional Level: 


Completion Requirements: 

Participants must attend the entire session, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within the 7 days of training to receive a certificate of attendance. Certificates of attendance will be received through the DBHIDS Learning Hub, once you have completed your evaluation.

Credit Statements: 

Certificate of Attendance only