Interested in an upcoming training, but unsure how to navigate the DBHIDS Learning Hub? Check out our FAQ on Accessing and Navigating the Learning Hub!

1. How do I create a Learning Hub account?
Accounts can be created at

2. What is my agency’s access code?
Your agency’s access code is: LHAccess20

3. What is the BHTEN Marketplace?
The BHTEN Marketplace is an online catalog of current training opportunities offered by BHTEN. The BHTEN Marketplace can be accessed after creating a free Learning Hub account here at

4. How do I register for a training on the BHTEN Marketplace?
Within the BHTEN Marketplace you can view training details and select “Add to cart” or “Buy now”. Once added to your cart, you can checkout and advance to your preferred payment method.

5. Can I register one of my staff for trainings?
No. When registering for a course, the person that is logged in will only be able to register and purchase a training for that account. Bulk orders are accessible upon request.

6. Can I purchase trainings in bulk for my agency?
Yes. You may purchase bulk seats for groups of 20 or more people. If you are interested in purchasing in bulk for your agency, contact [email protected] with the specific number of seats needed (20 or more) and the specific name of the training with date.

7. How do I log into the training?
To log in, visit to log into the Learning Hub. Once logged in, navigate to your “My Courses” located at the top left of the webpage. Click on “Open” next to the course you have registered and enrolled in. If the course is an Instructor Lead Training (ILT), you will then click on “Sessions” and “Register” for the session. Once registered, you can “Launch” the ILT.

8. I am looking for a course, but it is not in MyCourses. Where do I find it?
Please go to the top of the page and click the “Electives” button. Once you find the course you want to complete, please click the “Enroll” button next to it and you will be able to complete it.

9. Where do I find the evaluation?
The evaluation is located within the course. To locate this, log into the Learning Hub. Once logged in, navigate to your “My Courses” located at the top left of the webpage. Click on “Open” next to the course you have registered and enrolled in and the evaluation will be located within that course. Once the course has been attended and completed, the evaluation will be accessible. Evaluations are only accessible to those that attend and complete the training.

10. How do I access my certificate of attendance?
Certificates of attendance are accessible to those that attend the course and complete the evaluation. Once the evaluation has been completed, the certificate will then be unlocked and accessible to the participants.

11. How do I access my CEUs?
CEU certificates are awarded to participants that attend entire session, participate in all activities, and submit an evaluation within 7 days of training. All CEU certificates will be emailed to participants within 30 business days of training date.

12. If I did not complete the evaluation within 7 days of the training, can I still receive my CEU certificate?
Yes. A late processing fee must be paid in order to access the evaluation and receive CEU credits. Please contact [email protected] to complete a late evaluation form.

13. Who do I contact with questions?
For questions regarding the BHTEN Marketplace and/or the DBHIDS Learning Hub, please contact [email protected]. Questions should be very detailed and include the date of the training as well as the entire training title.