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If you have questions about whether a training is being canceled due to BAD WEATHER, dial 215-923-2116 ext. 401

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Contact Extensions

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Our main number is 215-923-2116

Request Type Contact Name Extension
Registration or payment for paid trainings Akim Cooper 297
Registration for non-paid trainings Sheyel Rorie 270
Replacement certificates, or any technical difficulties using this website or registration system Akim Cooper 297
Trauma-related trainings Kalma White 268
Adult Case Management Orientation Donisha Burke 266
Crisis Prevention Intervention Yvette Kaminura-Jones 280
Children's System trainings Leah Mundy-Maher 289
State Mandated trainings Yvette Kamimura-Jones 280
Residential Staff, Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation, or Recovery House training series Liz Harrison 281
Program Director, BHTEN's availability to host or provide CEUs for any particular event Abigail Pol 285
Assistance with creating e-learning or access to the Learning Hub (LMS) Jane Hall 286