Ashley Scudder

Assistant Professor / Psychologist

Dr. Ashley Scudder is an Assistant Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department at Chatham University. She is a licensed psychologist in PA & Iowa. Her primary clinical and research interests are in the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based behavioral health treatments for children and families. Dr. Scudder has published articles and chapters in the areas of disruptive behavior disorders, childhood trauma, implementation science, and PCIT. She has collaborated with academic and community partners on several studies to develop understanding and infrastructure for sustaining PCIT in community-based systems, with a focus on the importance of providing early supports to families of young children. Dr. Scudder is a Scientist at the Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute at Iowa State University. Her current work emphasizes increasing knowledge and access to effective services (e.g., training and collaborations with family medicine and pediatric providers, child welfare case workers, early childcare providers, and parents) as well as extending effective interventions to novel populations (e.g., examining PCIT for reduction of behavioral difficulties with children with autism spectrum disorders). Dr. Scudder is a PCIT International Level 2 Trainer and currently serves on the PCIT International Task Force on Policy and Advocacy.