Kristen Schaffner

Assistant Professor / School Psychologist

Dr. Kristen Schaffner is an assistant professor at California University of Pennsylvania and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She is certified by PCIT International as a Reginal (Level II) Trainer. She has provided extensive training and consultation in this evidence-based treatment to over 100 community-based mental health professionals across the state of Pennsylvania. Clinically, Dr. Schaffner’s area of focus include early childhood, disruptive behavior disorders, consultation/collaboration with early care and education, as well as community implementation of evidence-based intervention. She has particular interest in PCIT and the adaptation of PCIT with teachers (Teacher-Child Interaction Training). She currently works with the ECIC to support the sustainability of PCIT across the Commonwealth of PA as a regional trainer. Her research interest focus on community implementation of evidence-based treatments, training of community-based practitioners, as well as early care and education.